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The cover for the 2022 Dragon Age Annual. It features the silhouette of a dragon made up of patchwork textures. The top part is a fleur dis lis pattern fading from blue to black, while the bottom has a teal section featuring the Inquisition logo, a red section featuring the Kirkwall logo, and a blue section featuring the Grey Wardens logo. The background is a green color reminiscent of the Fade. Above the background and behind the dragons head sits a golden circle. On the main body of the dragon is gold lettering which says 'Dragon Age Annual 2022: An Age of Friendship'.

Title: An Age of Friendship

Theme: Friendship

Charity: CoolEarth

Donation Amount: £1,650 / $2,230

The cover for the 2023 Dragon AGe Annual. The background is a greenish hued landscape, featuring an ethereal ghostly griffin. Behind the griffin in silhouette are floating nugs. On the right side, overlaying the background is a golden cutout of shrubs and branches featuring a halla who's horns blend into the branches above. In front of the halla in black text is 'Dragon Age Annual 2023' and beneath that in green text is 'Paws & Pauldrons'.

Title: Paws & Pauldrons

Theme: Companions and Animals

Charity: FourPaws

Donation Amount: £4,193 / $5,175