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Meet the Mods

One Day in 2021 some friends were having a conversation:

"Imagine if there was a pin-up calendar of Thedas' hottest villains!"
"Ha ha, yeah who would be crazy enough to do that right…?"

And thus the Dragon Age Annual was born. While we never quite got to the villain pin-up calendar 3 years on, we are proud of what the Annual has and continues to achieve.

As you can see, our mod team is small for such a large project, so it can be challenging for us to identify everything we do with easy titles. It's best to assume we all do a little of everything to make sure we get the Annual out to each of you in the highest quality we can!

Project Manager, Shipping & Production, Social Media

I joined the DA fandom in earnest in 2018 when, in a fit of unbridled obsession, I read just about every single Cullen/Trevelyan fic on AO3. Since then I've dabbled in writing myself, doodled occasionally and thoroughly immersed myself in Thedas.

I'm a bit of a serial fundraiser within fandom and have modded multiple Dragon Age and Hades Zines. However, I thoroughly look forward to the Annual taking over my kitchen table every year!

Artist, Graphics, Fox

I have loved Dragon Age since Origins was released when I played my first Surana, but I didn't become an active participant in fandom until 2019 while desperate for more Solavellan content. From that point on, DA has been my one true obsession.

I'm mainly an artist who also runs a couple of Dragon Age exchanges and servers. The Annual is probably the largest project I've taken a leading part in, and I'm thrilled that we can continue its production. It's always a joy to witness the amazing creations our contributors put together each year.

Writer, Graphics, Shipping

I'm a fandom old who's been involved in internet fandom in some shape or form since right around the time the internet became available for home use in the ancient days. I took a long break from fandom, but when I finally came back in earnest around 2019, I threw myself wholeheartedly into the DA fandom.

I'm primarily a writer, but I also love to run projects, events, and communities. I dabble in coding and graphic design. At any given time I have a chaotic mass of projects and deadlines happening all at once, but the Annual is always my favourite. I'm immensely proud of the work we manage to accomplish each year!

Organization, Social Media

I face-planted into the Dragon Age fandom back in 2021 after my best friend showed me a PowerPoint about how Solas broke their heart and I haven’t left since. The community is what keeps me here and I’m thrilled to be part of events that keep that supporitve spirit of creation alive!

I’m a fanfiction writer and avid multishipper with enough OCs and world states that I need a spreadsheet to keep them organized. I’m excited to join the Dragon Age Annual mod team this year and can’t wait to see what everyone creates!